Asset management

Financial advisory

LAPLACE Finanças offers suitable and profitable business solutions for its investors and clients through asset management and financial advisory.
Our professionals have a compelling track-record with Brazilian's key private and public stakeholders.
The experience includes advising major Brazilian pension funds, private companies, development institutions (including BNDES), public and private banks, investment funds, endowments, individual investors and family offices in and outside Brazil.

Asset management

To offer attractive opportunities for investors with high potential returns and low correlation with market or a specific sector

Investments in relevant equity stake or in debt, either in companies or assets in need of restructuring or arbitrage situation

Profile of equity investments:
• Companies or assets that require adjustment in its capital structure and / or capital injection
• Sector with consolidation and / or structural changes opportunities
• Working capital needs combined with financial and / or operational restructuring opportunities in companies of selected industries

Profile of debt investments:
• Acquisition of debt from investors or banks who seeks to exit the business
• DIP Financing (debtor-in-possession financing)
• Self-liquidating loan
• Working capital financing